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Walk-through: MIT

Never have I walked through a campus that had the look and feel like it could run our country’s energy and technology infrastructure. They had a literal facility that reminded me of a power plant (turns out it basically is, specifically for MIT). They even have their own wind tunnel for crying out loud! I wouldn’t necessarily call it a beautiful campus, though some of the buildings certainly are, but I would refer to much of the architecture as utilitarian rather than opulent. There are some stand out places of interest, however, like the Stata Center (home of computer science and artificial intelligence) that resembles a cartoon cityscape from the outside! Overall, it’s what goes on inside all those brick and steel buildings that matters. I couldn’t help but be in awe as I walked through the campus, reminded of the unparalleled innovation at every turn.

At a Glance

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Undergraduate Students: 4,200

Student to Faculty Ratio: 3:1

Acceptance Rate: 7%

Six Year Graduation Rate: 96%

Freshman Retention Rate: 98%

Notable Majors: electrical engineering, computer science, biological engineering, chemical engineering, physics, aeronautics, astronautics

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