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we forged
a new


35,000+ miles
160 colleges 
60 campsites
33 states
1 year of camper living

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our journey

In a radical pursuit of knowledge, Apex founder Chad Van Soest embarked on a year-long quest to see 160 colleges and universities across the United States. With family and pets in tow, the expedition lasted from August 2022 to June 2023. Moving from state to state in a travel trailer, Chad toured universities across the country, made connections with admissions offices and continues to share the unique feel of each campus through his blogs.



We believe families deserve exceptional service as they plan for college, and with today's uncertainties - like covid and rising tuition costs - choosing the right college is more important than ever. Our 16+ years of experience managing the application and admission process is hard-wired into what we do. Now, we went above and beyond by accomplishing what few other independent educational consultants have done before: dedicate a year to personally visit a large number of college campuses across the nation in order to bring back not only the facts, but the intangible, in-person campus feel to our students and families.

see the  colleges on our list

We aim for the highest! Chad has visited 70 colleges and universities throughout his career, but added approximately 160 to the list by the end of this trip!

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