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On Site: Villanova University

Updated: Apr 18

At a Glance

Villanova, PA

Undergraduate Students: 6,900

Student to Faculty Ratio: 10:1

Acceptance Rate: 23%

Six Year Graduation Rate: 92%

Freshman Retention Rate: 96%

Notable Majors/Programs: finance, engineering, nursing, economics, social sciences, biology, communication

The Feel

  • Villanova, the only Augustinian Catholic university in the nation, is a highly reputable university offering a well balanced experience of rigorous academics, strong student life and long standing traditions. Their motto is “Intersection of the heart and mind.”

  • The campus is located in Villanova, PA, a suburb of greater Philadelphia. Students can get quick access to downtown Philli by train. Students are guaranteed housing on campus for up to 3 years.

  • Similarly to other Catholic schools, Villanova stresses a liberal arts approach, and all students will take religion, ethics and philosophy courses. 

  • Villanova promises the following 5 opportunities for every student: academic excellence, personal attention, strong community, service to others, intellectual curiosity.

Standout Points

  • Villanova has strong school spirit, where students enthusiastically support both sports and performing arts. The school also reports very high numbers of students doing community service, including 400 participating in service trips during fall and spring breaks. 

  • Their president is an Augustinian priest and students love connecting with him! The campus, in addition to housing 76% of all undergraduate students, also is home to an Augustinian monastery.

  • Their highly reputable nursing school has connections with 70 hospitals in the area for clinical experience, and reports a 90% pass rate on the NCLEX exam.

  • Their business school has a wonderful program that connects students to business alumni all over the world. Their Summer Business Institute allows students to fulfill a business minor in just 10 weeks during a summer.

  • Their engineering school offers 5 majors, a maker space, many research opportunities and even a Formula racing team!

Fun Fact

  • Villanova produces the 2nd highest number of Naval officers in the country, second only to The U.S. Naval Academy. 

Bottom Line Fit: For the high achieving student who seeks a rigorous and holistic college experience, including a religious appreciation or curiosity, and who values a nice suburban setting with access to Philadelphia.

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