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We offer our services through virtual or in-person sessions in the form of three different packages. Regardless of which option you choose, you will be prioritized thanks to our limited client case-load which allows for the utmost care and attention for each student. We strive for nothing but the Apex experience! 

To determine the right package for your student, several factors should be considered, including the desired amount of one-on-one attention and the quantity and selectivity of prospective colleges. For help selecting the right package, book a complimentary consultation by contacting us.

Each service option includes:

  • Evaluation of student's high school record, including the transcript, standardized test results and extracurricular activities

  • Advice selecting high school courses and activities

  • Coaching and tips for building the student resume

  • Assessment of career and college major interests

  • Navigating college application strategies 

  • Curation of personalized and targeted college list

  • Preparation for getting the most from college research and visits

  • Review and coaching for college essays and personal statement

  • Dedicated timeline monitoring for application due dates and deadlines

  • Suggestions and tips for maximizing financial aid

  • Gap or bridge year planning if desired

  • Helpful tools for transitioning to college

Base Camp




Provides up to 2 sessions a month plus collaborative curation of a college list and essay/application review. This option provides the standard service mentioned above and covers advising and application assistance for local and regional state universities and up to 3 private colleges/universities. This option is suitable for the student who may need help in certain areas but ultimately does not need comprehensive guidance.


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Provides up to 2 sessions a month prior to senior year and 4 sessions a month throughout senior year plus the services offered in Base Camp. This option includes personality and career assessments and feedback to help realize strengths, interests and values to plan for major and career. It covers advising and application assistance for local/regional state universities and/or private colleges and universities, including up to 3 highly selective schools (20% acceptance rate or lower). This package allows for extra guidance for those entering military academies, gap year or bridge year programs, or other specialized programs needing extra time and assistance. Finally, it includes the Apex College Survival Packet, designed specifically by us, providing a jump start for students entering college.

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Our most comprehensive option available, providing up to 4 sessions a month during and prior to senior year plus all of the services offered in Summit (including the Apex College Survival Packet). It covers advising and application assistance for all types of colleges/universities and an unlimited number of highly selective options as well as international options. This package is the ideal choice for those seeking specialized programs or highly selective colleges as it provides the extra time to help your student maximize their potential. It is a great choice for those targeting Ivy League schools, numerous scholarships, or who are in need of the utmost time and assistance. 

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The fee-per-session option is suitable for students in their senior year who have established their college list and have begun the application process. This option is typically for the self-motivated student who needs targeted assistance on their personal statement, supplemental essays and activities list.

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