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On Site: Harvard College

At a Glance

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Undergraduate Students: 7,095

Student to Faculty Ratio: 7:1

Acceptance Rate: 5%

Six Year Graduation Rate: 97%

Freshman Retention Rate: 96%

Notable Majors: Economics, government, computer science, mathematics, psychology, history and biology

The Feel

  • The first college established in the U.S. "Harvard College" refers to the undergraduate school while "Harvard University" encompasses all the graduate programs.

  • Harvard is located in the heart of Cambridge, across the Charles River from downtown Boston. It’s a very urban environment with the hustle and bustle of constant tourists and prospective students making their pilgrimage to the campus. Most of the campus revolves around Harvard Square, a green space where multiple events are held, including a combined undergraduate and graduate commencement

  • A majority of undergraduates live on campus, which is a key component of Harvard's traditions. All residents are a member of a "house" which includes their own dining room, library and other facilities. Campus life and the "house" experience is a truly unique and traditional aspect to Harvard.

  • Harvard yard is surrounded by 25 elegant gates. The main entrance is Johnston Gate. Students can only pass through it once when they start, and once when they graduate.

Standout Points

  • Harvard’s entire university system contains the largest number of libraries in the world with 70 of them, including the 3rd largest library in the U.S.

  • Individualized majors are offered and a large network of other courses available through partnerships with MIT and Harvard graduate schools. One of the greatest advantages to studying at Harvard is that it attracts the top, most accomplished professors in the world.

Fun Fact

  • There is a class where students can participate in archeological digs right in Harvard yard, where they discover artifacts from the early days of Harvard’s existence.

Bottom Line Fit: Apparently for about 5% of the population who somehow defy all odds and get accepted. If accepted, Harvard seems best for the student who is used to the pressure of success, thrives independently, and is ok sharing resources and professor attention with a highly prioritized graduate school. Regardless of how they function during the 4 years, they will have access to opportunities most students in the world can't dream of, and will end up with the magic "H word" on their diploma and resume.

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