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On Site: Brandeis University

At a Glance

Waltham, Massachusetts

Undergraduate Students: 3,460

Student to Faculty Ratio: 10:1

Acceptance Rate: 34%

Six Year Graduation Rate: 89%

Freshman Retention Rate: 90%

Notable Majors: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology

The Feel

  • Campus sits on a hill in a residential area in the town of Waltham, 9 miles from Boston. The architecture is a mixture of styles.

  • Founded in 1948 as a non sectarian university by an American Jewish community who had been facing exclusion/persecution. For that reason, the campus is very inclusive with a tradition among its students of community service.

  • Brandeis was founded with the following tenets - reverence for learning, cultivation for critical thinking, and commitment to repairing the world.

  • They are very generous when it comes to general education requirements with copious options available.

  • All first-year students will take a writing seminar, with multiple fun topics to choose from, like “Dystopian Worlds” or “Tracking the Digital Self.” Students will also be broken up into small groups for a Critical Conversations course, focusing on a topic chosen for that year.

  • Students have three different sources of advising: general advisors, faculty, and trained student advisors.

Standout Points

  • They are among the top tier of colleges and universities for research with a R1 standing, meaning they receive the highest level of federal funding. This is rare for a small school like Brandeis.

  • They offer over 30 official research centers with a wide span of topics.

  • Academics: 44 majors and 51 minors. Lots of students double major.

  • Over 200 approved study abroad programs.

  • Professors are more than willing to meet students with generous office hours.

  • Brandeis is home of the Rose Art Museum, offering over 9,000 collections of art.

Fun Fact

  • Brandeis has a tradition of hosting a late night library party where they essentially transform the studious library environment into a “prom” style event.

Bottom Line Fit: For the student seeking a high scholarly environment with a commitment to research, inclusivity, and access to the Boston area.

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