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Drive by Visit: College of the Atlantic

Making our way into Bar Harbor, ME, which we decided to go check out on a free day, we drove past a sign that said "College of the Atlantic." Naturally, we could not just pass this opportunity up. We had to go find out what this place was all about. With that said, below is a "drive by" description of COA.

This place attracts a very particular kind of student, one who is passionate about protecting our world. In light of this, every student tailors their own course of study in the field of human ecology. With a population of merely 350 students, it is an extremely tight knight community, and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery with Acadia National Park minutes away and the rocky Atlantic coast bordering the campus.

"Interdisciplinary" is the name of the game here, as students and faculty work close together to build an education which recognizes the fact that all disciplines tend to impact each other. If you choose to go here, you will spend ample time outside, as the environment surrounding this campus is the laboratory.

The campus has a much older, rustic feel, and included a farm, multiple green houses, and the ocean as its backdrop.

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